Virtual Programming: Early Learning Zoom Scavenger Hunt

To add an early literacy boost to a Zoom scavenger hunt, I made all of my "find it" prompts rhyme. To keep things as equitable as possible--many kids don't have much in their homes--I tried to use prompts where things could be found on one's body, if not elsewhere in one's home.

Once the kids and their grownups (even if they hover in the background, it's good to have them if assists are necessary) arrived in the Zoom room, we introduced ourselves (make sure the kids have their video and sound on). I explained how the scavenger hunt would work: they would find something related to my prompt, then come back and "show and tell" about it and why it fits the prompt. I also explained that this is something we would do for fun, not prizes, and we would wait until everyone arrived back with their item before we began sharing. I capped the program at around half an hour, as I would a storytime.

Here are some of the rhyming prompts I used (feel free to use them if you do one!):


Okay! All ready to find and share? / Go find something that rhymes with pear.

Ready for more? Let's do it, then! / Find something that starts with the letter M.

This next prompt might test your nerves. / Go find something that is curved.

Here comes another! If you please, / find something that feels good to squeeze.

How should our next challenge unfold? / I know! Go hunt for something old.

Okay! Time for my next command. / Find something smaller than your hand.                                           (show fist or fingers splayed for measuring examples)

This one is a little tricky-- / Can you find something wet or sticky?

Time for another. And we're off! / Go find something that is soft.

Can you handle another? Soon we'll see. / Find something that starts with the letter B.

Ah! This one might make you think. / Find something that is red or pink.

Time for another! Ready, friends? / Find something flexible or something that bends.

It's the last prompt! That's all she wrote. / Please find something that would float.

Thank you for playing! I had so much fun. / But now our scavenger hunt is... (let them supply "done")