P is for Pig: Storytime Plan

Opening Song: "If You're Happy and You Know It" [standing up] with whispered added verse "If it's storytime and you know it, say Shhhh..."

Letter of the Day

Book: Ten Pigs: an Epic Bath Adventure by Derek Anderson

Action Song: "Five Pigs So Squeaky Clean"
[tune : "5 Green and Speckled Frogs"]
Five pigs so squeaky clean,
cleanest you’ve ever seen
Wanting to go outside and play (IN THE MUD!)
One jumped into the mud,
landing with one big thud--
now there are four clean squeaky pigs (Oink, oink!)

Song: Dance, Freeze, Melt by The Learning Groove from their album Rockin' Red

Flannelboard/Magnet board: The Three Little Pigs (my simple retelling and graphics--all public domain images--here)

Action Rhyme: "Three Little Pigs Rolled in the Mud"
Three little pigs rolled in the mud--
squishy, squashy, felt so good!
Farmer took one piggy out.
"Oink! Oink! Oink!" that pig did shout.

2...1...no little pigs rolled in the mud.
They all looked so clean and good!
Farmer turned his back and then
those pigs rolled in the mud again!

Song: "All the Fish" by Caspar Babypants from I Found You! ["all the pigs are muddy in the water"...Before playing show kids how to make bubbles/circles with their hands and CLAP on "POP!"]

Talk: [A few pig facts: pigs are smarter than dogs and cats. When you and I get really hot, we sweat, and that helps us cool down. But pigs can't sweat, and THAT'S why they roll in mud--to cool off!]

Book: Piggy Pie Po by Audrey and Don Wood (1st story from book)

Action Song [a cappella] with Scarves: "Wake Up!"
[Song by Kendra at READ SING PLAY. Have kids ball up scarves and pet them during the quiet verses, then throw them up in the air/wave them around during the loud verses]

Pig is sleeping, don’t wake it up.
Pig is sleeping, don’t wake it up.
Pig is sleeping, don’t wake it up.
Now we’re very quiet. Shhhhh...
WAKE UP pig, it’s time to play!
WAKE UP pig, it’s time to play!
WAKE UP pig, it’s time to play!
Now we’re very LOUD!

[What other animals could we sing about that begin with P? How about a puppy? A panda? A penguin?]

Closing Song: Laurie Berkner's "These Are My Glasses" a cappella. "Today, everything in our book is going to start with 'P'." Possibles before opening to kids: Purple People Eater! Porcupine! Police car! [siren]


Alternate Books: 

Day by Day by Susan Gal

I Know a Wee Piggy by Kim Norman [pig wallows in paint of every color in the rainbow]

Pig Has a Plan by Ethan Long [pig wants to nap, but all of the other animals have different ideas]

What This Story Needs is a Pig in a Wig by Emma Virjan [if not doing Ten Pigs--also cumulative]; 

Ribbit by Rodrigo Folgueira [if audience skews older]; 

Little Pink Pup by Johanna Kerby [photographed true story of pig that grows up in dachsund family]