"Monster on my Sandwich"--song with magnet/flannelboard option

[Tune: B-I-N-G-O. Identify the foods on the board together, explaining that that's what you're having for lunch today, before adding the monster to the board.]

It's almost time for a lunch, but there's
a monster on my sandwich!
Monster, YOU GET OFF!
[shake fist dramatically each time]
Monster, YOU GET OFF!
Monster, YOU GET OFF!
Get off of my sandwich.

It's almost time for lunch, but there's a monster on my apple...

[Cycle through other foods, then remove monster if using magnet/flannelboard. Congratulate the kids for scaring the monster away from your lunch... but admit that somehow, now that those dirty monster feet have been all over it, you've lost your appetite. :( Link to graphics]