J is for Jobs (W is for Work): Storytime Plan

Opening Song: "If You're Happy and You Know It" [standing up] with whispered added verse "If it's storytime and you know it, say Shhhh..."

Letter of the Day

Talk: "All of our stories today will be about jobs. What are some jobs you can think of? Does anyone know what the name of MY job is?""

Activity/Guessing Game: "Kitty Cat, Kitty Cat, are you behind the [pilot's etc] hat?"

Book: Trashy Town by Andrea Zimmerman with YES, NO, and STOP signs on wall (point to word "NO" when kids need to yell out "NO!" etc).
[NOTE: Have everyone STOMP FEET on refrain]

[NOTE: Mention before Trashy Town: print awareness--pointing out print around you—running finger under words when reading certain words ("like I'll do with some words in our next book"). Point to STOP sign and ask kids if they know what it means. Sound out the letters while running finger under word STOP on sign.]

[wall prepped]


Book: Yellow Copter by Kersten Hamilton

Action Rhyme [seated]: "The Little Firefighter"

This little firefighter’s ready for bed—
(hold up right thumb)

down on the pillow she lays her head,
(right thumb on left palm)

wraps herself in her blanket tight,
(curl fingers around thumb)

snuggles in to sleep all night.
(close eyes, bend head as if sleeping…
Pause, then do next part really fast)

FIRE ALARM! She jumps back up
(right thumb jumps up)

Sliiiides down the pole
(right thumb slides down left arm, wrist to elbow)

and climbs on the truck.
(climb on, grab steering wheel)

Firetruck, firetruck, beep beep beep!
(beep horn)

Poor little firefighter got no sleep.
(shake head and look pitiful)

Things We Can Do that Start with "J": "Before our first song, let's stand up and do some things that start with J, that J- J- sound. We can JUMP for JOY! We can JOG!--what is the difference between JOGGING and running? We can JOKE! ("Why should you never give Elsa a balloon? She'll only let it go")

Song: Dance, Freeze, Melt by The Learning Groove from their album Rockin' Red

Book: Construction by Sally Sutton
["It's big job to build a new building! Here are some of the things construction workers need to do. I wonder what kind of building they're making?" NOTE: Have group repeat first phrase on every page.]

Talk: Bring in hammer and hold up for group to see. "Who knows the name of this tool? What is it used for?"

Action Rhyme [seated]: "Five Little Nails"
Five little nails standing straight and steady.
Here I come with my hammer ready!
Bam! Bam! Bam! One nail goes down.
Now there are four nails left to pound...

Action Song [a cappella]: "I Can Work with One Hammer" 

Book: Fire Engine No. 9 by Mike Austin

Closing Song: Laurie Berkner's "These Are My Glasses" a cappella. "Today, everything we find in our book will begin with "J". Possibles before opening to kids for suggestions: Jellyfish! Jedi warriors! Juice [let's drink it, THEN close the book]!


Alternatives to swap in:

Book: McToad Mows Tiny Island by Tom Angleberger