Letter of the Day Routine

[repeated every storytime with swapped out letters/items]

"Now it's time to find out what the SECRET LETTER OF THE DAY is! And for that, we have Letter Bird [toucan puppet]. Letter Bird likes to go diving deep down in his bucket and pull out a letter to be our letter of the day. As soon as he pulls it out, if you recognize the letter, call out its name!

That’s right, 'P'! What sound does 'P' make at the beginning of a word? Puh, puh.

Now Letter Bird’s going to dive back into his bucket and find something that STARTS with 'P,' that has that 'puh' sound at the beginning. [Items in bucket are, for ex, a plastic ladybug and pineapple. Letter Bird always pulls out the incorrect item first]

Hmmm...what's this? A ladybug! L-l-ladybug. Does ‘ladybug’ start with P? No. Do you know what ‘ladybug’ starts with? Yep, an ‘L’! What would we call it if it started with a P? Padybug! That would just be silly. Let's give Letter Bird one more chance...

This time it's a puh, puh, pineapple—does ‘pineapple’ start with P? Yes! Good job, Letter Bird! You can have that pineapple as a snack! [have Letter Bird gobble up pineapple] Now let’s put our fingers in the air and draw a big letter ‘P’ right in front of us.”